Before You Dis My Thoughts and Prayers

I’ve been watching with interest the recent trend on social media of devaluing thoughts and prayers. I recognize the frustration and even cynicism behind it, but we need to take a look at thoughts and prayers from a grown-up perspective before offhandedly throwing them under the bus.

I’m a spiritualist, metaphysician and student of consciousness. Lots of us are these days, and we know powerful change agents that thoughts and prayers are. Literally. And this isn’t about religion. It’s about consciousness, and the power of it.

Everything that is unfolding in our culture and in our world started as thought. Thought is causal. Thought is how things – beliefs, ways of showing up in the world, situations, and circumstances – begin. Thoughts – beliefs, agreements (conscious and unconscious), fears, wounds, desires, hopes, and dreams – are the blueprints that become the patterns within which we live our lives, both individually and collectively. They are powerful, and a literal creative force.

Prayer – new prayer, affirmative prayer – is thought intentionally applied. It’s not beseeching some outside entity for favors. Prayer is a conscious choice and decision, impelled by our hearts and souls, to engage and co-operate with the creative, powerful, causal realm of embodied Divinity, via both thought and prayer, inviting a new blueprint to eclipse the old.

Metaphysics 101 tells us that where we place our attention expands into our experience of life. It’s massively subjective. We see what we are looking from – based on the mental, emotional and spiritual blueprint in our minds and hearts. Because of that we find what we are looking for, regardless of what we are looking for. If our focus is on lack, we will see and feel and experience lack, and because the focus of our attention – our thought – is causal, literally creative, and becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.

If on the other hand we wish to co-create something new, something vital and fabulous and peaceful and loving and good, that becomes our focus. We find what we are looking for, regardless of what we are looking for. If our focus is on good, we will see and feel and experience good, and because the focus of our attention – our thought – is causal, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.

What isn’t working in our culture and in our world has become self-evident. Inequity, lack of stewardship, isms and schisms in their many iterations have brought to our attention fractures that have existed in plain sight or just below the surface for a long time. What isn’t working is in our faces, and while that is valuable information, its greatest value is one of creating a contrast for a new blueprint based on wellness, equity, and stewardship, a collective emerging thought impelled by a thousand, a hundred-thousand, maybe millions of individual prayers that collectively have the power to create it.

We are in the midst of perhaps the greatest season of change in our history as a species – call it a shift of consciousness, call it an awakening, call it what you will. Whatever you call it, and whatever is becoming, it will become as a result first of thought, impelled by prayer, which in this case I’ll define as a creative and powerful heart and soul desire for something better. That’s the only way it’s going to happen.

It’s going to take a lot of that, a lot of us, a lot of new thoughts, and powerful, creative, causal prayers to collectively craft this emerging new blueprint for the coming season of humanity. We just might want to shift our attention, at some point, from what isn’t working to what we do want to create.

In the meantime, please don’t dis my thoughts and prayers. Despite what you may or may not think about me and my methods, I am hard at work – drafting the new blueprint that is welling up from within our individual hearts and souls and coming together in and as our collective consciousness.